Y-Sport Launch at the Women’s Sport Trust #BeAGameChangerAwards

Y-Sport, a sports marketing and sponsorship consultancy with a focus solely on women’s sport, launched this week at the Women’s Sport Trust #BeAGameChanger Awards.

Led by business experts in women’s sport, Jo Bostock and Sally Horrox, and operating under the founding principle of supporting and advancing the political, business and social agenda of women in sport, Y-Sport is aiming to reinforce the rationale for commercial investment by:

  • Reimagining and redesigning current commercial opportunities in women’s sport
  • Creating new commercial opportunities through increased investment
  • Demonstrating a genuine return on investment

At the awards, attendees were encouraged to make a pledge of their choice to Women’s Sport Trust. As part of this, the Y-Sport team pledged to raise upwards of £1 Million for women’s sport over the coming year, an amount that would make a huge difference to the athletes and organisations that need financial backing to be the best that they can be.

However compelling the case for investment, it’s not always easy to navigate an emerging market such as women’s sport, and convert positive corporate intent into firm commitment. Expert guidance and insight can match the right businesses to the right sports, events or individuals. To help achieve its goals, the Women’s Sport Trust will be partnering with Y-Sport on this.

To find out how Y-Sport can benefit you and your company, please contact us.