A picture is worth a thousand words

Yes, that might be a cliché but we happen to agree that when, how and where images are used makes a big difference to women in sport.  It is shockingly hard to track down great imagery of sportswomen in action – but not so difficult to find the “red carpet” shots. 

We aren’t anti the awards look at all – but we’re keen to see more powerful photographs and films of sportswomen being sportswomen.  Which is why we were pleased to hear that the Women’s Sport Trust is stepping up its visual campaign, Sport is Beautiful – to raise the profile of fantastic sporting imagery.  As partners of the Women’s Sport Trust, Y-Sport is able to tap into the expertise of Sport is Beautiful to integrate a visual strategy into the work we do with clients.  Read more here : http://www.womenssporttrust.com/experts-imagery-womens-sport/