Y Sport proud to bring Sported and TSB together - a new partnership for community sport all over the UK

We’re delighted and proud to have helped bring TSB and Sported together, in a landmark partnership for community sports clubs all over the UK.  Local community sport groups are struggling to stay open and are crying out for more support to safeguard their future:

• More than half of people who attend local community sport groups are concerned their group will shut down.

• A quarter of people say their local community sport group has already had to close.

• In a new partnership with Sported, TSB will help local community sport groups continue to  thrive and be accessible.

TSB believes this partnership can create a step-change in the way local groups are run – and ultimately ensure that the young people who could benefit most from Sport for Development programmes can continue to access their vital support.

It’s the latest TSB partnership to recognise the valuable work being done through grassroots activities at a local level, and the positive impact this can have on the community. And, like Pride of Sport, the partnership will also enable TSB to support and celebrate those who make a difference.

Sported is a charity and free membership organisation, supporting over 3,000 community sport groups and youth groups across the UK that deliver Sport for Development. These groups use the power of sport to tackle common social problems, such as crime, anti-social behaviour and obesity. They also give disadvantaged young people the opportunities, confidence and support to overcome their personal hurdles and succeed in life.

TSB’s research shows that:

• 82% of parents believe community sport groups are important for their children’s personal development.

• More than three quarters (77%) of people feel that community sport is an important part of their social life and helps to maintain their happiness.

• Two thirds (68%) of people believe community sport helps with community cohesion.

• 68% of people say community sport is vital in helping to transform the lives of young people.

• 69% of people say that their local sports group has helped them to meet people from a different background that they wouldn’t have otherwise met.

• 65% of people believe community sport is important in helping reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

The partnership will kick off in four pilot regions:  North East Scotland, South Midlands, Thames Valley & South Coast, and Greater Manchester.

We look forward to working with Sported and TSB in this amazing journey!

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Sally Hancock, Managing Partner at Y Sport